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Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
economy in the budget. it is clear the big spike is around health care. that's what the e-mails were about. this week, we saw the e-mails were, send out your #my2k tweet. senator boehner is tweeting, the house gop voted to stop my 2 k. >> it depends on what you want to do. tweeting and facebooking is great to activate people to do things. the question is, what things and what happens to on the grass organizing. on the ground organizing has to do with having an effect locally on a local issue, being able to influence your local media, your local politicians. that is one of the politicians where those that are freaking out about why is obama continuing the campaign fails to understand. it is not as if decisions we focus on are not affected by what is happening locally. the right has known this forever. to organize people at the base and influence local media and officials is important. i want to go back to the health debate. a lot of the local activists wanted single pay yor. in this case, same thing. what have we seen this week, massive organizing among retail workers, over the thanks
Dec 2, 2012 7:00am PST
. that's about the same number as australia. i think we're a bigger country. i think the economy is a little bit bigger. people are not talking about that. we have an absurd situation to get 10,000 visas a year from mexico. i'm from southern california, you can fit those 10,000 visas in about half of long beach where i'm from. it doesn't begin to make sense. people aren't talking about that. i don't think obama is pressured to deal with this because he got four more percentage points. >> this is the artificial crisis. the crisis of insufficiency, it's created by our actual policy. with a stroke of the pen, we can change it. with legislation like all issues that are difficult, they're difficult for a reason. it's tough to get their politically but the easiest way to go about it. let's get the numbers of visas way up there so it reflects at least some bit of reality and stop criminalizing human existence. >> business push on this as well. >> there's a business push. frankly, there's going to be a fight. even though business is on the same side as immigrant rights movement, there will be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2